Adobe Image Captchas

Adobe Image Captchas

Adobe Business Catalyst recently announced that all web forms must meet reCAPTCHA v2 Security Standards. If your website is still on Adobe Business Catalyst (which is due to shut down in September 2021) and your web forms are out of date, you will need to update the forms ASAP to meet PCI compliance, significantly help your site’s security and avoid the forms from failing to send notifications.

Adobe’s Recent Announcement

Here is the recent announcement from Adobe:

As previously advised, from 16 November 2020 all Web Forms will be required to have reCaptcha v2 integrated in order to be successfully processed on a Business Catalyst site. Taking this step will add a layer of protection which will significantly reduce the impact of false spam submissions, and other unwanted abuse on a site. Although Web Forms which capture credit card information are exempt from this rule, once the site reaches the maximum daily credit card submissions limit without reCaptcha v2, payments won’t be processed unless reCaptcha v2 is enabled. We therefore strongly recommend you add this same level of safety to online payment Web Forms.

This important modification is necessary to meet PCI compliance, and will also significantly help site security with:

  • Avoiding spam submissions that generate CRM contacts, leading to autoresponder and workflow notification spam emails.
  • Reducing phishing attempts that target small business owners or customers (leading to email bounces, which affects site reputation and triggering system-wide email issues).
  • Minimizing false credit card attempts and their chances of success.

We advise you to check all your sites that are using Web Forms, and ensure they are all updated to this current reCaptcha v2 security standard as soon as possible, to ensure your sites continue to capture all end-user/customer submissions. To make these necessary adjustments to your Web Forms, please follow the steps outlined in the documented instructions here.


What happens if a Web Form is not amended to reCaptcha v2?
An end-user will be able to submit a Web Form, however, no information will be processed.
A message will be displayed, notifying the end-user that their submission was not processed.

Why is this change required?
Placing reCaptcha v2 on Web Forms is a security measure which helps prevent or reduce spam and protects against abusive activities on a site.

When do I need to make the change to my Web Forms?
We recommend you update your Web Forms as soon as possible to ensure they will function properly once we implement the change from 16 November 2020.

Are there exceptions to the reCaptcha v2 requirement?
We understand that there may be circumstances where it is extremely challenging to adapt certain sites by adding reCaptcha, and if this restriction also applies to a complex site, it may not be realistic to migrate off the platform by the reCaptcha enforcement date. Should you have a site which meets these criteria, please reach out to support asking for an exception and include a brief description of the technical challenge specific to that site. Each request will be escalated for review and an approval decision. Note: an approved exception will not extend beyond 30 April 2021.

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Shut Down of Adobe Business Catalyst

Adobe is due to shut down it’s Business Catalyst platform on 26 September 2021. Learn more about the shutdown of Business Catalyst in our recent article.

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