Meet Brad Russell

Meet Brad Russell

Who is Brad Russell?

Brad Russell is the owner and founder of Adrenaline Design & Marketing. Graduating from Newman College in 1999, Brad then completed a Diploma in Information Technology at Perth Commercial College. The Diploma covered a wide variety of skills including web design, graphic design, animation and more. Following the Diploma, Brad was invited to work PositionMEonline, a new SEO agency setup by a father and son team in Perth.

Brad’s initial tasks included SEO and link building, which in the early 2000’s was very different to what it is today. After being invited to work for the company full time, Brad was quickly promoted to the role of Client Services Manager. Whereby he managed the Production Team and acted as the Account Manager for all clients projects.

By 2010, the company had expanded significantly with offices in most capital cities of Australia. Brad was promoted to the General Manager of the Perth office and assisted in training many of the new staff members.

Unfortunately, the company grew too quickly and was poorly managed fro the top end which led to a quick decline in staff members and clients. As a result, Brad resigned from the company and worked with two more smaller local online marketing agencies until early 2016 when he launched Adrenaline Design & Marketing.

Why Do Most Agencies Fail?

After working for nearly 15 years within the online marketing industry in Perth, Brad became disillusioned. This was largely because he felt that most agencies he had been involved with (from near or far) did not provide good value for money. The typical strategy of most agencies that Brad has come across is as follows –

  1. The customer makes an enquiry
  2. A polite, confident, young salesperson visits your office to discuss your requirements
  3. They promise the world, do not set any realistic expectations nor provide any real detail in regards to what work will be undertaken
  4. They provide a detailed quotation (which is predominantly terms & conditions) and includes a 6 or 12 month contract (for ongoing SEO or AdWords projects)
  5. You agree to sign the quotation and pay the deposit or first instalment
  6. You do not hear from your polite salesperson again and you are hand-balled to a younger account manager who is already ‘juggling’ 40 clients
  7. Occasionally you hear from your account manager, who provides a vague update on the performance of your campaign and says you will receive an automated email with a report
  8. After a few months, you have little idea of what work has been completed and are yet to see any return on your investment
  9. You are locked into a 6 or 12 month contract and feel that you may have made a bad decision…

Why Start Adrenaline Design & Marketing?

Brad has a passion for helping businesses build a strong online presence. So, rather than leaving the industry he decided to launch¬†Adrenaline Design & Marketing as a unique digital company that genuinely aims to exceed it’s customers expectations.

During his experience working with other agencies, Brad was fortunate enough to work closely with clients from a large array of different industries. The clientele varied from owners of small local florists to CEO’s of large legal companies. This experience combined with an outstanding knowledge of what tools are available to help businesses, allows him to create comprehensive marketing plans that deliver results.

This is great, although what will make Adrenaline truly unique? Brad promises to provide an honest, transparent service that he has not seen from any other local agencies. Here are just 2 examples of how we differ –

  1. At any stage of your project you can check to see exactly what work has been completed (using a shared document)
  2. You will receive a FREE review with Brad each month in person (if possible) to discuss your campaign

Want to Know More?

So why not contact Brad today for free expert advice on your online marketing strategy

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