The Death of Google+

The Death of Google+

RIP Google+

The social media platform that was launched in 2011 by Google is no more… After fading into obscurity after several years, Google has now started to delete user accounts.

What Was Google+?

The failed social media platform was Google’s attempt to take on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. In many ways it was similar to Facebook, allowing users to post, comment, share photos, video chat and more. It was segmented into several areas –

  1. Profile
    You main account, a Google account is required to create a profile.
  2. People
    Expand your network by connecting with other people by searching name or email.
  3. Photos
    Share your photos or videos with your connections, organise them into albums and edit them online.
  4. Collections
    A way to group your posts by topic, which can be shared publicly or privately.
  5. Communities
    Start a discussion with other users on a particular topic.
  6. Events
    Create, schedule and share a particular event.
  7. Hangouts
    Video chat and broadcast live feed with your friends.
  8. Pages
    Creates a separate profile dedicated to your business and integrated with Google Maps.

What Happened?

As with most products released by Google, there was a lot of hype around the platform in the early days. Within one year, there was reportedly 0ver 60 million users, however user engagement was unknown.

In early 2013, the social media platform crashed had an outage and barely anyone noticed. Some major Blogs and other social media platforms made fun of the situation, and it became obvious that user engagement was extremely low.

In 2015, the platform underwent significant change which lead to a major redesign. Many people felt that this was Google’s last-ditch attempt to save the decaying platform.

A few year later, in 2018, it was discovered that a security had allowed 3rd party developers to access user data since 2015. This spelt the end for the platform and Google shortly after announced that it would be shutting down.

Google Business

Google Business, a spin off from Google+, remains as a very important tool for local business. The platform allows your company to appear at the top of local search results and within Google Maps.

Want to Know More?

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