Google Voice Search & Google Assistant

Google Voice Search & Google Assistant

What is Google Voice Search?

Voice Search from Google is a function which allows you to search the web using spoken voice commands.

It was first introduced from Google in 2010. The initial process required users to call Google from their mobile, whereby Google would prompt you with an automated message – “say your search keywords”.

These days, you will require Google Chrome 11 or higher and a built-in or attached microphone. A search can be made on both mobile devices and desktops via two methods:

  1. A hands-free voice command of “OK Google” which can wake Google on some mobile devices and operating systems.
  2. By clicking on the microphone icon to the right-hand side of the Google’s search field (see below).

Google Voice Search

By and large, voice search queries return very similar, if not the same results as typed queries. However, if you are searching for directions, you may see a different SERP (search engine results page) when searching on a mobile compared to a desktop.

Voice Search & Google Assistant in 2020

According to Comscore, 50% of queries in 2020 will be voice search. Furthermore, a recent study from Adobe found that 48% of users are already using voice searches.

However, in July of 2019 Google replaced Voice Search on Android devices with Google Assistant. This is in line with Google’s recent approach to shift it’s focus from “mobile” to “A.I.” (artificial intelligence).

Google Assistant attempts to supply answers and visually rich information opposed to a traditional list of search results.

We expect voice searches to continually increase in popularity as Google Assistant gently becomes the primary method that people search using mobile devices.

How Do I Optimise My Website for Voice Search?

In recent years, we have seen a considerable drop in search traffic on mobile devices. On mobile devices these days, there are more search snippets that are appearing, which will cause your mobile traffic to decrease.

However, voice traffic is increasing… By using structured markup on your website it will help you get rich snippets, increase your search traffic and combat the drop in mobile traffic.

We will delve further into structured markup and rich snippets in our upcoming Blog post, so please check back soon.

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