Meta Tags for SEO

Meta Tags for SEO

Are Meta Tags Still Important for SEO?

As most of us know, the Meta Keywords tag has been ignored by Google and most other search engines for many years now. However, the Meta Description tag undeniably still plays an important role in Search Engine Optimisation. The Meta Description tag was removed as a factor within Google’s algorithm some years ago. However, the tag still often appears as the description under your search engine result. Therefore, it provides a great chance to make your listing stand our from the rest.

How Do I Write a Meta Description

Firstly, the Meta Description is placed within the source code of the page and is not visible on the live version of the page. Most content management systems will include a setting or plugin to allow easy placement of the tag. However, if you have place the tag directly within the source code it should be placed within the <head> section as per below.

In order to make your listing stand out from your competition, try the following simple techniques –

  1. Focus on action-orientated language that prompts the customer to take action.
  2. Ensure that the description is specific and relevant to the page it is placed on, taking into consideration the keyword/s that the page is being optimised for.
  3. Although Google does not place any importance on keywords within the Meta Description, they do appear in bold within the search results if they are within the description.
  4. Take into consideration how may characters you include within the description – see below.

How Many Characters Should I Include within the Meta Description?

Most articles until recently suggest that you should keep your Meta Description tag to a maximum of 155 characters, including spaces. Significantly, this is no longer the case as Yoast recently changed it’s guidelines to allow up to 320 characters. In a nutshell, Google is now sometimes showing much larger snippets of up to 320 characters. We do however advice that you position your core information and ‘call to action’ within the initial 150 characters. This will help to ensure maximum impact across all variations of search results.

Other Meta Tags?

There are other Meta Tags which can assist with SEO including Title tags, Robots tags and more. We will speak about these tags in more detail in upcoming articles.

Still Need Help?

I hope that these tips assist you to write high impact meta tags. Although, if you still require assistance please get in touch. Within the last 15 years I have optimised hundreds of websites for Australian businesses. Contact me today for a no-obligation strategy session to devise a comprehensive online marketing plan for your business.

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