Herman Kreller – The Opal Cave

Herman Kreller – The Opal Cave

Herman Kreller

Sandy and Herman Kreller are the owner’s of The Opal Cave in Lightning Ridge, New South Wales.

As a small business established for more than 30 years, Sandy and Herman Kreller offer an eye-catching and informative range of opal related products and services.

The interior of their shop has been designed to look like an underground opal mine and is accompanied by a mining shaft and opal miner.

Customers can view and purchase a unique and magnificent range of everything from opal jewellery to clay pottery. Not to mention incredible art pieces and souvenirs related to opals and the Lightning Ridge.

In addition to offering a variety of fantastic products and jewellery, Herman is also a tour guide and booking agent local coach companies.

Sandy and Herman Kreller’s Opal Cave has been awarded several local awards and most customers are enthralled by their passion and level of knowledge. So if you’re in the Lighting Ridge area make sure you stop in to say and check out the amazing range of products at The Opal Cave.

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