Looking for a Web Design Company?

Looking for a Web Design Company?

Is a Website Still Important?

Most Australian businesses consider their website and Google to be a vital part of their lead generation. Whilst you can successfully advertise on Google without a website, this method is restrictive and does not compare with website marketing. In 2015, Australians spent 552 million hours on Google and this figure increases every year. If your business does not have a high impact website that performs well on Google you are probably missing out.

How to Select the Best Web Design Company

So you have been allocated the task to locate a web design company? Here are some important tips on how to select the best company for your project. Firstly, take a look online by performing some searches on Google and start to develop a shortlist of potential web design companies.


All reputable and experienced web design companies will include a portfolio on their website. This should showcase a variety of websites they have recently designed. We suggest that you visit as many of these websites as possible and interact with them. Firstly, the websites should be quick to load, easy to navigate and most importantly engaging. Secondly, ask yourself – If I was looking to buy this product or service, would I make an enquiry after visiting the website?

Online Reviews

Online reviews and testimonials can provide some insight into whether a web design company is professional and courteous. However, you should view these with a grain of salt as they can often be fictitious.

Making Contact

Once you have a shortlist of potential web design companies, you can contact them to discuss your requirements and request a quotation. We suggest that you call them and arrange a face to face meeting, where possible. At this initial meeting you can discuss your requirements and then request a no-obligation quotation in writing.

Who Are You Meeting With?

In most cases, a web design company will employ a sales representative who is your point of contact for the ‘consultation’ phase. This can be fraught with danger as most sales reps are paid by commission. Therefore, they are often less focused on properly understanding your objectives and delivering the most effective strategy. Conversely, we suggest that you meet with the business owner where possible. In either case, the individual should take the time to understand your business objectives and provide advice. A quotation should only be offered once they have a good understanding of your objectives, budget, target markets etc.

Website Platforms & Training

It is important to confirm what platform that your website will be built on and whether you will receive any training. WordPress is a great platform and the preferred choice for more Australia businesses than any other content management system.

Search Engine Optimisation?

Many businesses think that if they build a new website it will quickly and automatically generate leads. There are techniques to gain quick leads although these are expensive and not cost-effective long term. It is important that your web design company is also highly competent in SEO. If not, you may receive a website that looks attractive but lacks the simple factors that Google is looking for.

Trust Your Instincts

When I meet someone for the first time, I generally have a strong intuition within seconds as to whether they are honest and knowledgeable. If they appear to ‘promise the world’ chances are that they will over promise and under deliver. Similarly, if they come across as arrogant it is likely that they are not customer service driven.


Furthermore, we strongly suggest that you contact some of the companies listed on their portfolio. If possible, ask to speak with the employee that managed the build of the website. You can ask them about the timeframe, price, customer service etc.

Learn More?

I hope that these tips assist you to select the best web design company for your individual project. Within the last 15 years I have built hundreds of successful websites for Australian businesses. Contact me today for a no-obligation strategy session to discuss your business objectives.

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