Website Tips for 2020 & Beyond

Website Tips for 2020 & Beyond

Website Tips for 2020

Did your business website slowly shuffle down your list of priorities in 2019? Fear not, we are here with some handy tips on how to inject it with a shot of adrenaline….

1) Website Audit

Google reported over 3,000 changes to its algorithm in 2018 and we are continually seeing more and more changes every year. For the average business owner or marketing manager it’s impossible to stay up to date with changes. However, there are several providers that allow you audit your website in line with Google’s current practises.

AHREFs is a great source to audit your website, review your rankings and analyse your competitor’s. The Standard Package is quite expensive at around USD$180/month, although they offer a trial period of 7 days for only USD$7. This should allow you enough time to audit your website and develop a report on the areas that require attention.

You can also setup Google Search Console for your website, a free tool from Google which reports on errors related to mobile usability, website speed, security issues etc.

2) Setup & Optimise Your Google Business Listing

Google Business listings often appear at the top of Google’s search results for location based queries. They can potentially be a great source of organic traffic if your listing is setup correctly. Once your listing is verified, make sure you –

  1. Add your contact details, business description, photos, services etc.
  2. Create a schedule for weekly posts (Google Business posts only stay active for 7 days)
  3. Ask your customers to write a review
  4. Turn on messaging

3) Add a Google Review Badge

We’re all aware that Online Reviews are now essential to online marketing. Place your Google Reviews ‘front and center’ to all of your website visitors by installing a Google Review Badge. Here is an example of the badge available on our website –

Google Review Badge

The badge is relatively easy to install and syncs automatically with your Google Business Listing.

4) Setup Live Chat

More than 30% of customers now expect Live Chat to be on your website. These potential customers are unlikely to make contact if they can’t locate a chat bot on your website. However, over 47% of US users feel the greatest challenge with chatbots is they provide too many unhelpful responses. Therefore, make sure that your bot is manned by someone that understands your business and products/services.

5) Focus on Buyer Problems

Focus on a problem that your customers face (and your product can resolve), rather than the features of your product or service. Most companies will focus on the “hard sell” explaining how great their product is… Customers are sick and tired of this approach. Instead, if you can identify and focus on the problems that your customers face, they are much more likely to engage with you.

6) User Experience

Customers are fickle… If they can’t find what they want quickly and easily, they will back out and look for a different option. Ensure that your user experience has as little friction as possible by optimising your website’s load time, navigation and call to actions.

7) Become a Content King

In Google’s eyes “content is king”… Setup a Blog on your website and create a schedule to write regular posts (1 per week in competitive industries). Ensure that your content is topical, engaging and optimised for Google search. Each blog post should be promoted across your social media channels to maximise engagement and look at creating Youtube videos as well.

8) Optimise for Google Voice Search

With over 50% of searches in 2020 predicted to be by Google Voice Search, make sure that your website is optimised accordingly. By using structured markup, you will help you get rich snippets and increase your search traffic. Learn more about Google Voice Search in our recent article.

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