WordPress Web Design

WordPress Web Design

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the world’s most popular website Content Management System (CMS). What is a CMS you ask? A CMS is defined as a software application that is designed to create and manage digital content. Furthermore, a Website CMS allows a website developer to create and maintain a website without always having to directly edit the raw code. Ultimately, this saves the website developer considerable time which in turn, saves the business owner considerable money.

Popular = Peace of Mind

A 2015 article states that a staggering 25% of all websites on the WWW are on WordPress. Because WordPress websites are so popular you will find that most website developers are familiar, if not confident with the platform. This should provide some peace of mind for business owners. Because if your website developer should no longer be available (or you are unhappy with their service) you can quickly find another one. Not that this decision should be rushed. Finding a great website developer can be like picking a needle from a hay stack. Please check back soon on our Blog for free tips and advice on how to select a website developer.

Plugins = Flexibility

In 2003 WordPress started as simple tool that allowed you to build and manage a Blog. Over time, the platform added downloadable plugins which allowed us to customise our website and Blog. Think of a plugin just like an app for your phone. You can choose from literally thousands of apps that allow you to easily build and customise your website. There are now more than 50,000 plugins that you can buy for WordPress websites from – https://wordpress.org/plugins/. In addition, many more Premium plugins are available which can be purchased for a small fee. The creation of plugins for WordPress websites is what has made the platform incredibly popular and able to manage just about any website.

Can I Manage My Own WordPress Websites?

Whether you can manage your own website on WordPress will depend on a number of different factors. Most importantly, the WordPress website must be initially built in a way that allows you to easily add, remove and edit most sections. In addition, it will depend on what sections of the website that you want to change. For example if you want to significantly change the layout it is likely that you will need to engage your developer. Although if you want to edit some copy within a Blog post, this should be something you can easily action.

WordPress Themes = Save Money

A WordPress Theme is a pre-built website template that a website developer can easily install, update and maintain on WordPress. Some people think that by using a WordPress Theme you are taking shortcuts – This is 100% true, although it should not be looked at as a negative. By using a Theme, you are saving significant time in designing and building a website from the ground up. There are literally thousands of Themes that you can select from for your new website whereby you can change the layouts, colour schemes, images etc. allowing you to create a truely unique look and feel, for a fraction of the cost.

If you can select a WordPress Theme and agree on exactly what changes will be applied to the Theme (before you sign a quotation) there should be no surprises as your website is built. In comparison, electing to go with a ‘custom designed website’ can often be a frustrating process. This is because you do not know what you are going to receive until you have signed on the dotted line, paid a deposit and receive a concept design.

What if I have an Existing Website & Want WordPress?

A website can be transferred to WordPress relatively easily in most cases. However, some website developers will take shortcuts and not set your site in a way that it can be easily maintained moving forward. This can cause more problems than it does create efficiencies. So, make sure you confirm with your developer what areas of the website you will be able to be updated easily. You should also receive training as part of your package to ensure that you can make simple changes to the website.

Want to Know More?

Contact Brad today for a free no-obligation quote on a new WordPress website starting from $1,500 +GST.

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