Blog Posting 101 – Content is King

Blog Posting 101 – Content is King

Why Should I Blog Post?

A Blog can be used for many purposes… In this article I will focus on writing blog posts in order to boost your Google rankings.

So why do Blog posts help my exposure on Google you ask? The simple answer is – Because in the eye of Google “Content is King”. However, the actual answer is not so simple and I should start by rephrasing my statement above with “Good Quality Content is King”. Below, I will define what good quality content is, along with how often you should post and how to find powerful topics for your Blog posts.

Good Quality Content

Writing good quality copy for the web is an art form and takes several years to master. Here are some important tips for those getting started –

  1. Write about items that are topical, relevant and exciting. See below on how to select powerful Blog topics.
  2. Adopt White Hat SEO techniques that take into consideration the experience of your user.
  3. Include more than 300 words where possible. Do not produce crap in order to reach your desired word count.
  4. No more than 10% of your sentences contain passive voice.
  5. Less than 25% of your sentences contain 20 words or more.
  6. More than 25% of your sentences contain a transition word.
  7. The content scores above 60 in the Flesch Reading Test.

Yoast SEO is a simple plugin available on WordPress and ideal for beginners. It allows you to track all of the key indicators above plus more.

Quantity & Consistency

In a nutshell, Google places higher preference on websites that show a consistent effort over a longer period of time. Believe it or not, if you have 50 unpublished blog posts, Google would prefer that you publish them weekly over the course of a year rather than all at once.

Keep this in mind when developing a schedule and try to stick to that schedule. As a rule of thumb, I suggest that you produce at least 4 high quality Blog Posts per months and keep this going!

Proven Ways to Locate Powerful Blog Topics

Competitor Content Research

Use AHREFs Content Explorer or to review competitor’s pages and rankings by traffic.

Competitor Keyword Research

Locate your main online competitor’s and develop a report detailing the keywords that they are targeting.

Trends & Popularity

Use Reddit to search for related topics and see what is trending.

Real User Queries

Use Answer The Public to identify bulk derivative keywords, you can then enter these keywords into Reddit above to see if they are popular.

Industry Trends

Use Feedly (an RSS Aggregator) to track top Blogs in your industry and track trending new stories. This works extremely well if you can identify hot new topics and quickly create posts targeting them.

Want to Know More?

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