Link Building 101 – Getting Started

Link Building 101 – Getting Started

What is Link Building?

Link building is one of many tactics employed by SEO agencies to help boost your website’s rankings. It was introduced in the late 1990’s when search engine’s started to ‘crawl the web’.

Crawling the Web

When a crawling search engine visits and indexes a website, it also analyses the site’s outbound links (links to third party websites). These outbound links are used for two purposes –

  1. Firstly, the search engine will follow the link and index the third party website. This effectively replaced search engine submissions, and nowadays it is best practise for new websites to build links and citations, rather submitting to Google etc.
  2. Secondly, search engines view each inbound link to a website as a ‘vote of popularity’. The quantity, quality and relevance of your inbound links is a major factor in most search engine’s algorithm.

How Has It Changed Over The Years?

Link Building has changed considerably since it was introduced approximately 20 years ago. In the early years, companies would initially create a Links/Resources page on their website. Next, they would locate other related websites that are also actively building links. Following this, they would simply create a link to the third party website, and then contact them to ask for a reciprocal link.

Google and most other major search engine’s placed less and less value on reciprocal links over the years. Nowadays, this practise is frowned upon and link building has become a far more difficult process.

Getting Started – Building Citations

A citation is basically any mention of a business on the web (whether it has a link to the business website or not). By building citations for new websites you will –

  1. Prompt the search engines to index your website.
  2. Allow them to confirm that you are a legitimate business.

To start building your citations, submit your website to several local business directories including –


Don’t rush this process! If you take the time to make your submission as unique, accurate and enticing as possible, you will not only increase the acceptance rate, you will increase the value that you receive (in the eyes of Google) from each citation.

Here are a few simple tips on how to submit your website to local business directories –

  1. Add a unique, detailed description including your core services/keywords with a call to action. Do not stuff keywords within the description or list multiple keywords between commas.
  2. Select the most relevant category (it can be difficult to locate an appropriate category for some niche businesses)
  3. Include your business address (if possible)
  4. Include a contact email address using the same domain name as the website (do not use generic accounts. eg – Gmail or Hotmail)
  5. Ensure that your details are consistent on all listings – Phone, Email, Address, Opening hours etc.

What Next?

After building several citations and waiting for 2-3 months, you may find that your website is starting to rank within the first few pages of Google for some ‘niche’ terms. However, this is unlikely to generate many new leads for your business and you will need to acquire further high quality links.

Acquiring high quality links from third party websites can be quite complex. In my opinion, many SEO companies have still not mastered this art.

First of all, think quality over quantity. In many cases, one high quality white hat link can add more value than hundred’s of low quality links. Furthermore, if you do secure links from low quality, spammy websites they may even negatively impact your rankings. Find out more about White Hat SEO techniques in our recent article.

Domain Authority

The Domain Authority (DA) of a website is a metric developed to predict the ability of a website / domain name to rank on search engines. By acquiring links from high DA websites, you will increase the DA of your site / domain and boost your Google rankings.

Now, I hear you ask – How do I acquire links from high DA websites? Adrenaline Design & Marketing are partnered with one of the largest SEO companies in the world and we can now provide GUARANTEED High DA Links as part of your Search Engine Optimisation package.

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