Website Speed / Load Time Improvement

Website Speed / Load Time Improvement

Is your website lagging? A slow website can significantly harm your rankings on Google…

Most savvy website owners are aware of this, however they’re not always aware that the speed of your website can be improved very quickly and affordably.

At Adrenaline, we’ve recently updated several of our client’s website load time. The process typically takes 4-5 working days and can cost as little as $500+GST, depending on the current speed of your site.

Website Speed & Loading

How Do I Check My Website Speed?

There are several free online tools that you can use to check your website speed / load time. They will often show varying results depending on the location of the server.

To avoid any confusion, we suggest that you check your website speed using PageSpeed Insights from Google. Simply enter your website’s URL, then click ‘Analyze’ and wait a few seconds to see your score out of 100. By default, Google will show your ‘Mobile Score’ so make sure you click on the ‘Desktop’ tab to also view your Desktop speed score out of 100.

By scrolling further down the page, you can view the Opportunities and Diagnostics that provide a detailed break-down of all the factors Google is taking into consideration when determining your score.

How Do I Increase My Website Speed?

At Adrenaline, we can optimise several aspects of your website to quickly and effectively increase the load time including –

  1. Javascript improvements
  2. CSS improvements
  3. Images checking and fixing
  4. Cache implementation
  5. Adding codes in .htaccess
  6. Minifying CSS and JS files
  7. Checking and updating web hosting settings

Want to Know More?

This is one of the most cost-effective improvements that we can perform to improve your Google rankings. Contact Brad today to see if we can improve your website’s load time / speed and also discuss a high-level online marketing plan for your business.

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